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Below are the list of services we offer;

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Place an order to be sent directly to our address for shipping!

We also source/procure heavy equipment, finance the purchase of these equipment and ship them straight to your door!

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Air Freight

We can send your goods to you by air in just a few days. Say goodbye to long waits! 

You can even get that expensive TV crated so that it is safe within the confines of its box.

Car Dealership
Vehicle Dealership

With our special dealership auction membership, we can get you accident free vehicles at a low price.

Whether locally or internationally, we can get it to you!

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Cargo Ship at the Port
Sea Freight

Whether it's that very small box, or that very large box, or that car, we can get it to you by sea. Car doesn't run? We can still ship it. Got those boxes of clothes and shoes, we can ship it!

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