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  • Welcome To SG Resources Inc.

    At SG Resources Inc. Global Logistics and Procurement we are 100% dedicated to positioning procurement and logistics at the heart of business performance.

  • Helping Your Business Growth

    Helping Your Business Growth

    With our spirit of innovation and a passion to help procurement and logistics create even greater business advantages for your business growth.

  • The Best Quality Connection

    The Best Quality Connection

    We believe our deep, detailed procurement and logistics expertise and a sharp focus on being responsive to our customers has earned a good reputation.


SG Resources Inc. Logistics network is created to deal with a sophisticated and complex world of procurement and Logistics. Our innovative model is tailored to shipping (Air, Cargo, Freight...)

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Innovative procurement services at SG Resources Inc. is one of many flagship processes that makes us stand out from our competitors. We utilize engaging and technological advancements...

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Our SG Resources Inc. representatives are available to provide onsite consultation. We are dedicated to serving the global logistics and procurement business while providing solutions...

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SG Resources

At SG Resources Inc. we aim to render our services and expand our range across several spectrums globally on a geological scope. You can expect quality in all levels of our business....

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SG Resources Inc. Operations

  • We balance the industry

    Increasingly competitive markets and volatile market prices have resulted in a tight market for shipping, freight, and more. The global logistics and procurement industry's dependency on an extensive supply chain makes it inevitable for companies and organizations to focus on procurement as a strategic business function and a source of competitive advantage.
  • Strategy Analysis

    We strategically analyze the critical role of procurement in the global logistics and procurement industry and highlight trends and tools associated with it. We also focus on the long-term benefits of aligning the procurement function with the corporate strategy.
  • Global Logistics and Procurement Insights

    Our experts provide a full range of onshore and offshore services. Customized logistics solutions for specific needs. From the delivery of high-quality materials and services to a wide spectrum of clients to the transportation of heavy-lift structures and logistics support for offshore and onshore assets in operations. We provide thorough and technical insights for your success on any level.
  • Company Overview

    SG Resources Inc. global logistics and procurement coordinates the delivery of high-quality materials and services to a wide spectrum of clients. Our supply chain management team, which includes sourcing, shipping, logistics, and contracting specialists, procurement etc works to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct are maintained in all our operations.

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